Oct 01, 2012

People want to create a portrait for all different reasons. Maxi’s mom wanted to capture her beautiful daughter at this wonderful age and to remember her heritage. The Indian clothing is telling a story of a very close connection with a family that lives in Pune, India.


So, here’s a story about a princess from a line of Omani Sultanate princesses.



The story starts with Jilfidan who was a girl slave purchased at the age of 12. The Sultan of Zanzibar had 40 children, one of whom was Salme. She is rather famous because she eloped with a Hamburg merchant named Heinrich. Unthinkable at that time!



Salme and Heinrich had 3 children, one of which was Rosalie, Maxi’s great grandmother.



How many of us can trace our lineage back through 6 generations? To read more you can go to Amazon and read Memoirs of an Arabian Princess, 1898.